Social Distancing PRO! is an initiative of RHC IMZADI, a leading consultancy  providing consultancy and board advisory services to organisations in the domains of CleanTech, Energy, R&D and Innovation. 

At RHC IMZADI, we want everyone to stay safe during coronavirus and COVID 19.

Our MD

Areas of Speciality


 RHC IMZADI's consultants build an optimised and fully personalised roadmap for transforming innovation in your organisation.


 At  RHC IMZADI Consulting we can help you develop CleanTech strategies that are  flexible and able to evolve quickly in response to changes in the  market.  


 At RHC IMZADI Consulting, we leverage our extensive academic and institutional networks to optimise your R&D effectiveness. 

Board Advisory

 An  independent strategic partner, RHC IMZADI Consulting supports your  organisation's development by providing unbiased Board Advisory  services.